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In addition to being a company that offers the best construction services, energy efficiency and sonal panel installations, we are people from the community that supports the community.

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Our Origin

  • iLLUMi SOL is a company formed by owners with roots in the community that proudly offers services to the community. Our beginning began with personal projects; our homes. Our family and friends followed our steps and took the support and advice that we offered them. They now enjoy the savings.
    Today we put ourselves at the service of our community.

Our vision

  • Part of our philosophy is to offer the best to our clients and their family.
    That our clients enjoy their homes and businesses. This also meands that they should enjoy the services and system installed. We advocate that the savings, refunds and tax credits stay our customers.

    Our goal is for all of our customers to be satisfied with our services and products. That's why we offer the best prices in the industry and exceptional service.


We are here to help

  • When it comes to solar, we are part of the community and understand the distrust generated by the poor practices of other solar companies.

    That's why our team does not sell solar systems. Our team is dedicated to providing a complete service. From education in energy conservation to solar installations.

    Become part of the community that trusts iLLUMi-SOL and has chosen us as its contractor specialized in solar systems and other general construction services.

    Today we put ourselves at the service of our community.

Why select iLLUMi-SOL?

Complete Service

Solar panels education

Energy analysis

Strategic recommendations to increase efficiency

Technical Support After Installation

Our Commitment

Quality Products With Warranty

Professional and Guaranteed Installation

Lifelong technical support


We are also Customers

Today We Save Money

We receive tax credit

We did not pay for a year

We live more comfortable

Our Community Participation

Our goal is to continue supporting clubs and organizations that also support our communities. That is why we are launching sponsorships of local clubs.

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Offers The Best Service and Products

Our customers have rated us as an honest company with superior customer service.

  • Superior customer service
  • High Rating
  • Service in English and Spanish
  • Seal of approval by HomeAdvisor
  • Verified Identity
  • Verified License
  • Recommended by our customers
  • High satisfaction Rate
  • Guaranteed Work